Customer Satisfaction through Tailored Service Level Agreements

  • 19/07/2023

In a competitive business landscape, exceptional support and services are crucial for customer satisfaction. Hereworks understands this significance and is committed to delivering top-notch solutions to its clients. At Hereworks, we listen to our customers, and when asked for additional services, we are always ready to go above and beyond. Our clients increasingly ask us to do more for them, and we are always happy to oblige. Due to this increased demand, we have committed to offering tailored Service Level Agreements SLA to meet clients’ unique needs. Hereworks want to ensure that all AV systems are up to date and work seamlessly for our clients and their employees who have adopted a new remote and hybrid work model. Some of our clients include Financial, Educational, and state-owned institutions.

Customised Service Level Agreement SLA for Clients

Hereworks tailors SLAs to cater to clients’ specific requirements from various industries. Each Service Level Agreement SLA is designed to align with the client’s industry, operational demands, and response time expectations, ensuring a highly personalised and effective support framework.

Embedded Engineer and Event Support: Empowering Clients

Some of our clients have chosen the highest level of support we can offer with dedicated embedded engineers from Hereworks. These engineers work on-site at the client’s premises and act as their primary point of contact for all AV requirements, ensuring seamless integration and management of audio-visual systems and quick issue resolution and event support.

Hereworks “Assure” Service Level Agreement SLA Excellence for All Clients

Hereworks extends its standard Service Level Agreements SLA package to clients across different sectors.
The package includes:

  • A guaranteed 4-hour on-site response time.
  • Two yearly preventive maintenance visits.
  • Remote management software.

This level of service ensures minimal downtime, optimal performance and a smooth user experience.

Hereworks “Assure” Plus SLA: Exceptional Service for Specific Clients

Hereworks offers personalised SLA packages for clients with specialised needs, including a swift 2-hour response time, annual preventive maintenance visits, and remote management software. This tailored approach highlights Hereworks’ commitment to providing an unparalleled experience to every client.

Rapid Remote Support: Minimising Downtime

Hereworks provides rapid remote support within 1 hour for all clients. This quick response time enables clients to address urgent concerns and swiftly minimise downtime.

Embracing Client-Centricity for Unmatched Support

Hereworks prioritises client-centricity, delivering exemplary support and services. With tailored SLAs, embedded engineer support, standard SLA excellence and rapid remote support. Hereworks ensures every client receives the utmost attention and optimal performance.

As Hereworks continues to empower clients across various industries, its dedication to customer satisfaction remains steadfast. The company looks forward to pioneering even more tailored solutions to meet the evolving needs of its diverse clients.

Do you require next-level support for your Audio Visual equipment? Can you afford to have your Audio Visual equipment out of use for long periods in the new hybrid workplace? Talk to our team below and get the best support you’ve ever had!