The Human Centric
Approach to Smart Workplaces

Smart buildings have been around for a long time now; we have thousands of data points on a building, several control systems including BMS, lighting & security systems, yet the end user of the building has very little control. Even the simple ability to open or close a window to control temperature, sound, privacy or air quality has been removed and automated by ventilation systems.

Hereworks Happy™ is the solution.

Hereworks Happy™ Score

The Hereworks Happy™ Score is a percentage score for the building and unique to Hereworks. The goal is to achieve 100% happiness for the building, to create a comfortable, productive, warm, engaged, secure and healthy workspace. This ensures the wellbeing of occupants while operating at maximum efficiency and minimum carbon emissions.

The happiness score is comprised of weighted scores from the following high-level categories:

1. External Environment
2. Building Occupancy
3. Energy & Waste
4. Internal Environment
5. Occupant Selection
6. IT
7. Amenities

Happy Buildings
Hereworks Happy App - "A Single Pane of Glass"

The actual delivery of these services to building occupants is critical, it needs to be quick, easy and intuitive. Nobody wants to see the entire data set of metrics. Users want to see what is important to them at a glance. This is delivered via the Hereworks Happy platform. A single interface to view, access & control the building(s) services and environment.

Hot Desking
Meeting Room
My Colleague
Room Control

What’s a Hereworks Happy™ Building?

A Hereworks Happy™ Building is connected to its occupiers through their phone or device allowing people to have better control over their immediate environment. The Happiness Score interprets the building’s data to drive iterative improvement of the users’ experience of spaces, promotes wellbeing, facilitates agile working, and increases engagement while they’re at work.

Download our white paper and find out how Hereworks Happy™ buildings work.

Audio Visual
Hereworks Happy Phone App

Happy Onboarding

All users of the building will have the Happy Platform available to them online or as an app. The first time a user logs in, they will be asked to complete a detailed survey about their personal comfort and work preferences. This is key to the happiness platform. The survey is designed in such a way to get the most from the user and inform the rest of the platform what makes that individual user happy. It is also used to weight the overall building's "Happy Score". The Hereworks Happy Platform realises that every office building is different, sometimes parking is very important, sometimes the weather & public transport is more important or sometimes it's simply down to ambient noise level and the availability of meeting rooms. The platform constantly updates its metrics by asking a simple, one answer feedback question each week to users.

Once on-boarded, Hereworks Happy knows your preferences and uses the sensor data available to direct you to areas of the building that best suit your needs. If you're coming to the office you don't want to see an entire inventory of the desks available to you or the stats for the whole office environment. You want to be directed to a hotdesk which meets your preferences close to your own team.