AV Upgrades for Sustainable Hybrid Working

AV Upgrades for Sustainable Hybrid Working


Hereworks was tasked with implementing AV upgrades for sustainable hybrid working for Allied Irish Bank (AIB) at their new headquarters on the 13th floor at 70 St Mary Axe, London. The project aimed to align the workspace with AIB's commitment to sustainability, efficiency and cutting-edge technology.

About the Project

This project marks a milestone in Hereworks' ongoing partnership with AIB, building upon a solid foundation of successful collaborations, including the completion of work at 10 Molesworth Street, 2 Heuston South Quarter, and Central Park, Leopardstown.

The Task

AIB sought an office space that would reflect their dedication to sustainability and a low-carbon future. They wanted a workspace that better aligned with its goal of operating as carbon neutral, with a focus on a net-zero approach. Our expert team understood AIB's desire to have their premises reach the highest energy and performance credits, emphasising environmental and wellbeing considerations for both colleagues and clients.

The Solution

The project team, consisting of Barry White (Project Manager), Leslie Gannon (Operations Manager), Michael Joyce (Technical Manager), Misha Ivanovs (AV Designer), Geoff Carragher (AV Programmer) and Simon Fitzpatrick (AV Commissioner), rose to the challenge by installing 8 meeting rooms tailored for Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing. Each meeting room was completed with Crestron room booking panels.

The team also created a versatile dual meeting room that can function as two individual spaces or a large boardroom, offering flexibility for AIB's various meeting requirements. Additionally, we optimised the Communications room with efficient equipment and commissioned the canteen space, which already had some AV equipment in place.

We installed digital signage across the office, including a Samsung video wall, to enhance communication and engagement within AIB's office space. These digital displays convey essential information efficiently and add a modern touch to the office environment.


The completed project on the 13th floor of 70 St Mary Axe represents a significant achievement for both AIB and Hereworks. AIB now has a modern London headquarters that fosters collaboration, communication, and employee wellbeing. The meeting rooms and boardrooms equipped for Teams Video Conferencing ensure seamless communication among teams, while the versatile spaces cater to various meeting formats.

By seamlessly integrating these innovative AV upgrades for sustainable hybrid working into the office design, Hereworks has helped AIB achieve a workspace that not only meets their technological needs but also fosters collaboration and a forward-thinking approach to banking in the heart of London's financial district.

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