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  • 13/12/2022
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“It’s about taking ownership and leadership – how can we come up with a solution and progress?”

Although he has only been working with Hereworks for a few months, Project Manager Barry White has hit the ground running. He has built relationships with both clients and the Hereworks team and is well-known for the constant smile on his face.

“I’m the kind of person who always likes to lead from the front, it’s always been that way for me”

Barry’s career started before he even hit his teenage years, working with his dad on live music shows.

He explains: “So my dad is a sound engineer, and I started working with him when I was only eleven. The Wolfe Tones were the first band I worked with. My dad really pushed me to work things out by myself, he would disconnect a cable when I wasn’t looking and make me work out what happened.”

From there, Barry started doing work over the summer holidays and Christmas with his dad, developing a love for the audio-visual industry that would just continue to grow.

“When I finished up my Leaving Certificate, I worked in the corporate AV industry. I started as a junior installer which was very different to what I was used to. Then after three years, I moved into a service role. This allowed me to develop my skills. I did a lot of troubleshooting and ended up working very closely with clients. It was all about working out what a client needed and tailoring what we delivered to that.”

Following on, Barry worked as a senior installer, travelling across Europe and working with high-profile clients such as Google, Facebook and Salesforce. While it looked like an ideal situation from the outside, Barry found himself growing homesick.

He said: “It was a great experience in a lot of ways, sharing a picture of a different airport on social media every week but travelling just got too much. I had a wife and kids at home and I’d been spending so much time away from them for work.”

So Barry instead took a job back in Ireland, working as a project manager and building a team around him.

He adds: “I started working on third-level education and healthcare campuses. It really taught me to lead from the front, we’re all there to do it together. If there’s a problem, we’ll find a solution.”

“Hereworks had always appealed to me – they are going somewhere”

Barry already had met the Hereworks team years before so when Chief Operating Officer Stephen Lyons reached out to him, it piqued his interest.

Barry said: “Hereworks had always appealed to me, it’s a fast-growing company trying to take over these high-profile clients. Expertise and innovation were two big factors for me, as well as having an interest in the work.

“If I don’t enjoy what I do, I won’t be happy. That’s what AV is to me. It’s always been in me.”

“AV is an exciting industry – you need to have the fire in your belly”

“Working with Hereworks has been a great experience so far. There’s a huge focus on making everyone feel appreciated and that’s fed from the top down. Clíona (QEHS Director) and Tomás (CEO) make such an effort to show their appreciation for everyone. A recent example is Wild Lights at Dublin Zoo, which would have cost my family over a hundred euros but the fact we could all go thanks to work was amazing.”

“If you are interested in AV, 100% do it. The area has such a need for people. It’s an exciting area with lots of potential, but you need to have the drive and the fire in your belly to progress.”

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Author:Ailbhe Daly

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