Bringing the community to Zoom meetings

  • 22/08/2020

As we gradually become accustomed to a new regime with many of us working from home, the people working in Human Resources/Talent Success/Employee Experience face a new challenge – that of making the organisation’s most valuable capital feel part of a community despite being dispersed/disparate. All organisations want to retain their good people and attract the best talent, and studies show that a sense of belonging to a tribe/family/community, or in other words a strong and identifiable organisation culture, is a key retention/attraction driver.

We know that strong values/leadership/coordination drives culture, but how do the people whose job it is to nurture culture do this nowadays, where the level of connectedness is at an all-time low, and the main vehicle for culture generation is a Zoom meeting, a webinar or a dial-in townhall? 

Keep everyone’s attention with chat, polling, Q&A, reactions, annotations, and more. Use Breakout Rooms in meetings for smaller training or ideation groups. Understand your engagement levels with attention indicators and reports. 

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