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User-Friendly Shared Workspaces

  • 30/04/2024
  • Audio Visual | Digital Transformation | Intuitive Collaboration | Smart Buildings
The traditional office model is rapidly evolving. Businesses are downsizing or seeking smaller locations. Multi-use areas, such as breakout zones and modular booths, are becoming prevalent to accommodate diverse activities. Companies increasingly turn to shared workspaces as a solution that offers flexibility, collaboration, and heightened sustainability. As companies embrace this

Meet the Team – Stephen Weir, Master Systems Integrator (MSI) Director

  • 30/06/2023
  • Digital Transformation | Smart Buildings
In the construction and smart building integration world, Stephen Weir, the Master Systems Integrator (MSI) Director at Hereworks, stands out as a visionary leader. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Stephen's journey from an electrical apprentice to an MSI Director has provided him with a unique perspective

AV Technologies’ Role in the Future of Digital Workplaces

  • 20/02/2023
  • Audio Visual | AVaas | Digital Transformation
Gradually, technology has influenced how employees interact with one another in the workplace, but it has shifted gears and is speeding up rapidly. Audio Visual technology has played a pivotal role in the evolution of digital workspaces. The focus is now on providing seamless user experiences, security, and innovation while

Digital Signage and Energy Saving for Buildings

  • 11/10/2022
  • Digital Transformation | Intuitive Collaboration | News | Smart Buildings | Together Everywhere
Digital Signage and Energy Saving for Buildings - two unlikely peas in a pod. With the cost of living prices rising at a rapid rate across Europe, some countries have decided to shut off these signs in order to save energy. In Germany, illuminated displays are no longer allowed after

Hereworks are ISO 27001 Accredited

  • 21/07/2022
  • Digital Transformation | News | Smart Buildings
What it means and how Hereworks achieved ISO 27001 Accreditation   Hereworks are proud to be the first Master Systems Integrator in the country to achieve ISO 27001 accreditation. This accreditation recognises the impeccable security standards that we use to keep information assets secure. With cybercrime on the rise, keeping

Hereworks installation and support at DCU part 2

  • 16/08/2021
  • Audio Visual | AVaas | Digital Transformation | Intuitive Collaboration | Smart Buildings | Together Everywhere
This project, like every other Hereworks installation, starts with understanding. Watch this quick video with Derek Carey at Dublin City University discussing how he and his colleagues work to simplify the user interface, provide onsite training and support - and truly understand the needs of the people using the technology!

Hereworks audiovisual installation at DCU part 1.

  • 16/08/2021
  • Audio Visual | AVaas | Digital Transformation | Intuitive Collaboration | Smart Buildings | Together Everywhere
How does the right audiovisual installation and design help third-level students connect with their lecturers, the college community and their work? Find out from Ryan McCusker about his experience in Dublin City University in this short video! Hereworks installation at DCU part 1.

The six things you need to consider for your updated meeting spaces.

  • 03/06/2021
  • Audio Visual | Digital Transformation | Intuitive Collaboration | Smart Buildings

Hybrid Roles – A New Way of Working

  • 23/04/2021
  • Audio Visual | AVaas | Digital Transformation | Smart Buildings | Together Everywhere
The words ‘blended’ and hybrid’ have become cliches for a reason.  The role of a HR Manager has evolved considerably over the past year. Our traditional vision of the workplace has been dramatically altered, and this means that the technology requirements have changed too. Human Resources Managers are often called

A Timeline in the History of Smart Buildings

  • 14/04/2021
  • Digital Transformation | Smart Buildings
Smart Buildings are not a brand-new concept, the idea has been around for a long time. But it is only in recent times that they have been implemented properly. Phillip Tracy defined a smart building as any structure that uses automated processes to automatically control the building’s operations including heating,

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