Hybrid Roles – A New Way of Working

  • 23/04/2021
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The words ‘blended’ and hybrid’ have become cliches for a reason. 

The role of a HR Manager has evolved considerably over the past year. Our traditional vision of the workplace has been dramatically altered, and this means that the technology requirements have changed too. Human Resources Managers are often called ‘Success’ or ‘Talent’ Managers and with good reason. High quality, two way communication is key to staff attraction and retention of the best talent. The words ‘blended’ and hybrid’, while they have been overused, have become cliches for a reason. Hybrid Roles are a new way of working. 

Technology’s functions to facilitate communication, collection and storage of data have not changed, but our awareness of the importance of them has. How we work, how we interact with our workplace and how we make the workplace work proactively to help us achieve our goals is the biggest challenge organisations face at the moment.

Screening and interviewing has moved from the boardroom to the living room, and although convenient, giving candidates a real sense of company culture on a standard video call, is no easy task. Likewise, encouraging open dialogue among new hires can prove difficult, as they’re less inclined to voice questions or concerns as they arise, through email. We know that we’ll have to facilitate remote working in order to attract prospective candidates going forward, so we need to adapt our current techniques if we want to onboard new hires efficiently and foster a strong sense of community support within their teams.

We’re now seeing how the return to normal comes with its own set of challenges for our current employees too. After working from home for over a year, some staff are eager to get back into the office routine, while others have adapted to – and enjoy – the WFH lifestyle. We’ve come to enjoy more family-time, and less commute-time, so striking the balance between time spent in the office and remote working is paramount to maintaining morale.

A blended working environment looks to be the way forward, which means we need to develop a new approach around how we hire, train and retain our staff in the future. How do we bridge this gap? How do we make this a seamless transition from the old world to the new, while keeping all of our personnel engaged along the way? 

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