What is AVaaS?

  • 04/06/2020
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Audio Visual as a Service (AVaaS)

If you have a large device set with native applications like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Webex, you need ongoing service and support. Without that support, you are paying for your cloud service improvements, fixes and developments without getting the benefits on those devices.

The ‘as a Service’ model
The As-a-Service (aaS) model has developed rapidly and is now a staple of many industries from digital applications to dental hygiene, but why? Anything as a service, or ‘XaaS’, has supported the move to the cloud by providing access to data, through simple cost effective applications enabling workforce mobility. In the past we needed to purchase expensive software, host it on-site and still pay the maintenance fee for upgrades, fixes and support. That cost now belongs to the providers who must now fully develop and prove their service before it comes to market. This has led to a rich and creative support industry, determined to make your business data more accessible, interactive and functional. By continuously updating their feature set, ‘XaaS’ models are delivering better value for their customers.

Audio Visual collaboration devices are getting smart, built for “out of the box” functionality with IP enabled processors, touch screens and native cloud applications. You can now expect a single device to reliably provide, room booking, SIP phone, wired/wireless bring your own device (BYOD) or native application access solutions with one touch to join simplicity. As these devices continue to develop they get more complex inside. To keep in step with the services they provide, the devices must be continually updated. AVaas provides the option to integrate the latest collaboration and smart technologies with flexible billing options, moreover the system is totally supported to ensure they get full value for their cloud services.


Why AVaaS?

  • Develop the bespoke solution to meet your specific needs
  • Get the latest collaboration and smart technologies without a major investment
  • Get the most out of your native cloud services
  • One room, one building or one campus scalability
  • 24/7 remote monitoring and support
  • Planned preventative maintenance
  • Flexible billing options
  • Consistent operational expenditure
  • Enable your workforce to work anywhere


For an ‘out of the box’ collaboration space, meeting or board room solution, check out our AVaaS solutions.

For a more complex system, get in touch and we can guide you through the process outlined below.

Firstly, our system design and UX team work with you to learn what your organisation needs to collaborate and improve performance. With an agreed specification output we then invite you to join a session with the designers and innovation team, to ideate and create a best in class integrated collaboration and smart technology solution. We then develop a system solution, prepare a quotation and present the flexible billing and support options. From there we hand it over to the integration team to install and programme on-site.


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