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  • 17/04/2023
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In the rapidly evolving world of intelligent buildings, it’s essential to deliver exceptional user experiences, drive cost efficiency, meet high sustainability standards and future-proof by design; this is where SmartScore certification comes in. At Hereworks, we have two fully SmartScore Accredited professionals, Stephen Weir & Kevin O’Flannagain, giving Hereworks the ability to provide best-in-class Smart Buildings. 

What is SmartScore Certification?

SmartScore certification is a program that assesses buildings based on criteria broken down into two main sections:

1. User Functionality

2. Technical Foundation

Understanding the Criteria for SmartScore Certification 

User functionality criteria include building access, air quality, energy reporting, and building cleaning. In contrast, technical foundation criteria span across elements such as network infrastructure, intelligent building strategy, and building systems internet connection. To achieve SmartScore certification, a building must meet a set number of credits and minimum requirements, which vary depending on the level of certification.

Key Outcomes of a SmartScore Certified Building

The certification program has five standard levels of certification, including Silver, Gold, and Platinum, along with Pre-certified for development projects only. The program also has a defined prerequisite of certification criteria for each level. Considerations are made for each measure against user stories, purpose, problem, and benefits to help users to understand the deliverables best.

smartscore accreditation

Users of a SmartScore Certified Building

SmartScore certification measures how an intelligent building’s user functionalities and technical foundations work to achieve the four key outcomes of a smart building:

  1. Delivering exceptional user experiences
  2. Driving cost-efficiency
  3. Meeting high sustainability standards
  4. Are fully future-proof

To achieve these outcomes, building users are defined as anyone interacting with the building, such as employees and visitors.

Benefits of SmartScore Certification

The benefits of the certification for intelligent buildings are numerous. Firstly, it offers a real-world evaluation of how smart the building will be at the completion stage, creating value for all stakeholders in the building, from investors, clients, and tenants. It allows the promotion of the building and demonstration of value add through implementing best-in-class intelligent building infrastructure, future-proofing by preventing expensive retrofits down the line through benchmarking of assets to create a baseline in building tech and showcasing smart building features that can make a human-centric application and holistic view of a user’s experience within the building.

Hereworks SmartScore Accredited Professionals

At Hereworks, we have two fully accredited professionals, Stephen Weir & Kevin O’Flannagain, who have completed the Smartscore AP course and exam. SmartScore Accreditation allows Hereworks to bring value to our current and future clients through knowledge of applying and accrediting, buildings a SmartScore certification. We also get much of the thought process to our MSI delivery, ensuring we are always looking ahead to the end functionality of an intelligent building.

smartscore accredited building

SmartScore Accredited professionals are recognised globally as leaders in digital connectivity and intelligent technology and are at the forefront of making the world’s buildings more intelligent and better connected.

A SmartScore certification is a valuable tool for assessing smart buildings and ensuring they meet high sustainability standards, cost-efficiency, and user experience. The benefits of achieving SmartScore certification are numerous, and it’s a recognition of a building’s excellence in intelligent building infrastructure.


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