Meet the Team – Stephen Weir, Master Systems Integrator (MSI) Director

  • 30/06/2023
  • Digital Transformation | Smart Buildings

In the construction and smart building integration world, Stephen Weir, the Master Systems Integrator (MSI) Director at Hereworks, stands out as a visionary leader. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Stephen’s journey from an electrical apprentice to an MSI Director has provided him with a unique perspective and an impressive skill set.
In this blog post, we delve into Stephen’s career path, exploring his role at Hereworks, his passion for integrating systems, and his insights into the future of smart building technology.

A Journey in Construction:

Stephen’s career in the construction industry spans two decades. Starting as an electrical apprentice, he diligently worked his way up to electrical Project Manager. Driven by a thirst for knowledge, Stephen pursued further education, obtaining a degree in electrical engineering. In 2014, he joined Mckeon Group, the parent company of Hereworks, as the Electrical Director, where his expertise and experience laid the foundation for his current role as MSI Director at Hereworks.

The Birth of Master Systems Integrator (MSI):

The concept of Master Systems Integrator (MSI) was not unfamiliar to Hereworks, as they had been integrating systems for years. However, Stephen and his colleagues recognised the opportunity to establish an official MSI role within the company. By leveraging their expertise and knowledge, they began driving the MSI initiative, laying the groundwork for a new era of smart building integration.

The Importance of Practical Experience:

Stephen believes that his background as an electrician and an Electrical Division Director at Mckeon Group has been instrumental in his success as an MSI Director. The practical experience gained during his apprenticeship and subsequent work as an electrician gave him a deep understanding of building systems and their connectivity. He emphasises the value of well-rounded engineers with practical experience, as they bring a holistic perspective to their work.

Stephen Weir, Master Systems Integrator (MSI) Director

Passion for Integration:

Stephen’s passion lies in integrating siloed systems and fostering communication between them. Drawing from his experience in project management and running the electrical division at Hereworks, he assembled a diverse team to tackle the challenges of smart building integration. Their collective efforts have already yielded successful projects, positioning Hereworks as a trusted MSI contractor. Stephen’s journey has been marked by constant learning and innovation, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the industry.

The Future of Smart Building Technology:

As technology evolves rapidly, Stephen predicts significant changes on the horizon. Large multinational corporations increasingly recognise the value of smart building data, leading to a surge in demand for advanced systems. Air quality monitoring, occupancy sensing, and data aggregation from Building Management Systems (BMS) are examples of the technology driving this transformation. Stephen highlights the importance of thoroughly testing and evaluating emerging technologies to ensure reliability before implementing them in client projects.

Data: The New Oil

Stephen Weir emphasises the growing significance of data in the industry. Companies now understand that data-driven insights can optimise their buildings and improve their employees’ experience. With a human-centric approach, organisations can use data to tailor environments to the specific needs of their personnel. He believes that data truly is the new oil, providing companies with invaluable information to maximise the efficiency and well-being of their workforce.

Hereworks: innovation led by visionaries

MSI Stephen Weir showcases the transformative power of experience, education, and passion. As a pioneer in smart building integration, Stephen’s expertise and innovative mindset have enabled Hereworks to lead the industry forward. With a focus on integration, practical knowledge, and data-driven decision-making, Stephen and his team continue to redefine the future of smart building technology.


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