Workplace Strategy: Informed Decision Making Needed

  • 27/03/2024
  • Smart Buildings

The importance of informed decision-making in developing an effective workplace strategy cannot be overstated. This is especially true in the context of smart buildings, where insights derived from data analysis are crucial to optimising work environments for improved productivity, efficiency, and employee welfare.

In this blog, we look at why a data-driven workplace strategy is essential for success. We explore how platforms like Hereworks Happy™ and software like Hereworks Solve can make that data-driven approach a reality.

Workplace Strategy and Smart Buildings

A workplace strategy is a guiding plan for businesses to effectively organise and oversee their workforce and workspaces to achieve business objectives. This strategy aims to cultivate a working environment that promotes productivity, encourages collaboration, and prioritises the wellbeing of employees.

This involves deliberate decisions on office layout, technology utilisation, flexible work options, and amenities, all crafted to align with the organisation’s goals and values while enhancing employee satisfaction and performance.

Making these deliberate decisions becomes a realistic goal with smart buildings.

A smart building can provide valuable insights regarding workplace strategy. By leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) devices and sensors, an intelligent building can collect data on various aspects of the workplace environment, such as temperature, humidity, lighting, occupancy, and energy consumption.

We tend to believe that having more information available to us will make a problem or challenge easier. However, pulling from different data sets and drilling to find the information you need is easier said than done.

Nobody wants to be swarmed with an abundance of graphs and data that they need to spend hours analysing, trying to uncover what’s relevant and what isn’t.

In short, having all the data is fantastic, but what is the point of collecting it if we can’t understand it?

This is where platforms like Hereworks Happy™ and Hereworks Solve come in.

Workplace Strategy Informed Decision Making Needed

Hereworks Happy™ and Hereworks Solve: Enabling a Data-Driven Approach to Workplace Strategy

Platforms like Hereworks Happy and Hereworks Solve analyse the complex data a smart building gathers. Happy and Solve can identify patterns and trends and deliver valuable insights to help facility managers and other stakeholders make informed decisions about workplace strategy.

Hereworks Happy

Currently, at the end of every smart building lies a dashboard or Single Pane of Glass (SPOG), which enables improvements to wellbeing and inclusivity and enhances the sustainability of a building. Without a dashboard like this, the smart building is not smart, as nobody can see what’s happening or where improvements can be made.

Hereworks Happy is one such dashboard.

Hereworks Happy analyses employee behaviour patterns, preferences, and space utilisation trends and delivers them in easy-to-understand insights. Such insights enable informed decision-making regarding office layout, resource allocation, and employee wellbeing initiatives. Its machine learning capabilities allow for predictive analytics, forecasting future workspace needs and adapting proactively.

Hereworks Solve

Hereworks Solve simplifies reporting problems with its user-friendly interface, eliminating the need for apps or logins. By streamlining operations, organisations can address concerns promptly, leading to a more efficient and responsive work environment that is human-centric in its decision-making.

Central to any successful workplace strategy is the focus on enhancing the overall employee experience, and Hereworks Solve, similarly to Hereworks Happy, plays a crucial role in achieving this goal. The platform gives employees a voice in their workspace by allowing them to provide real-time feedback on their environment. This empowerment leads to higher levels of engagement, satisfaction, and productivity.

Furthermore, Hereworks Solve enables organisations to proactively address problems before they become major concerns, demonstrating a commitment to employee wellbeing and comfort.

Developing a Successful Workplace Strategy with Happy and Solve

At the heart of every successful workplace strategy is a commitment to enhancing the overall employee experience. Both Hereworks Happy and Hereworks Solve play pivotal roles in achieving this objective.

Through these innovative platforms, organisations can cultivate workspaces that optimise productivity and satisfaction and demonstrate a genuine dedication to employee wellbeing and comfort.

Ultimately, by harnessing the insights provided by Hereworks Happy and Hereworks Solve, businesses can pave the way for work environments that are efficient and strategic, human-centric and poised for the future of work.

But don’t forget – you need to have a smart building to connect all the devices required for using platforms like these. Contact us today to start your journey to a smart workplace.

Author:HW Team

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